What is Time?

We are here now
knowing a single moment of time
but we experience this one place
only because if our thoughts were somewhere else
then that's where we would be
there and not here

Most of us make the mistake of thinking
we aren't somewhere else
just because we are here
waiting for tomorrow
but the moment is what we are
and the moment is forever
so we are still here
when our thoughts have moved on

We exist first in a world without change
where everything has happened already
We exist forever
in little moments of now
as statues
not knowing we are so permanently real

Then we exist across time
and we look around
and wonder how we began
and where we came from
when we've always been
a part of forever

Time is made of two parts
One is Being itself
physical and real
And then secondly there is change
like an undivided movie
of memories and moments



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