What is Nothing?

forget everything you know
and your there
not where you thought you'd be
not the void
you won't find the void if you try to look for it
only shadows
until you wake up
blinded by light

There is something you cannot do
no matter how hard you try
you cannot stop being
you are beginning and ended
You cannot end what is
has already been and is done
you are here and have been
its too late to change your mind
even if you had a choice
you cannot stop being

The void is unreal
there is no such non-thing
that nothing doesn't happen anywhere
the nothing we talk about
the nothing we think we know is everything
everything is the past and the future
everything is invisible
because it is full
how could you see
when everything is one

What is empty is full
What is no place is everyplace
What is zero is at balance
What is destroyed is calmed
There are zero things to do there
because all is beginning and all is done
Space is empty
only when everything is in its proper place