The Ultimate

The first thing to know about the ultimate
is that it is knowable
Everything makes perfect sense
if we can understand the reasons
or just look at it right
If we just call it by the right name

We would already see how it all makes sense
and would all understand the universe right now
except that in the past we were a bit careless
when we defined the basics of reality
We made mistakes
but such delusions were inevitable
just the way the world works
We are not here just to be happy or to know
Time itself is about evolving
We are here to grow
and grow we do
as fast as time allows and dictates

The first lesson 
toward gaining a sense of the ultimate
begins with knowing nothing
No one will ever understand everything
without having learned 
there are two different kinds of nothing
Or said another way
nothing and non-existence are different
or at least
nothing has an identity of its own
far different from the perplexity of non-existence

Non-existence is an enigma
a brutal contradiction
with no identity
without real meaning
It doesn't exist
It cannot be
It never was
It never can be
Lucretius said nothing comes from nothing
he meant
no thing can come from non-existence
When you stop confusing the two as one
and non-existence is removed from your thoughts
then you see and feel the real nothing
all around you
no different than the being of things

Secondly you eventually realize that
Everything and Nothing are not opposites
Everything doesn't have an opposite
Non-existence would be its opposite
if it could be or be not
Instead it is possible to see
that Everything and Nothing are one and the same
It is possible to forget there is even a nothing at all
beyond the nothing that everything 
pretends to be

As a consequence
thirdly and wonderfully majestic
is no longer seeing existence as 
arisen above nothing
There is no void hiding somewhere
in the beginning
or in the end
or out there somewhere surrounding the universe
There is no absolute nothing
at the bottom of it all
The void isn't some great distance away
or outside our dimension
waiting to take over if time should end

Existence doesn't rise up from a void
because there isn't a non-existent void
to rise up above
There are little nothings 
and the big nothing
There are small balances 
surrounding us
and the one balance
within which all the imbalances exist
and lesser balances exist
ultimately it is that simple
and it is never going to change
its been this way forever
it will always be so

Fourthly know there is 
a shape to the big everything
The whole is smooth and calm and shapeless
one place everywhere
so its invisible to us
but embedded inside that calm is all that we know
all the wonder
all the material places and times
an ocean of tides
swinging back and fourth in cycles and spirals
the motions of evolution
sometimes a raging sea
all the form, all the identities
fragments of a perfect symmetry
a broken simplicity
the beauty and struggle of imbalance
all within the one

The fifth worthwhile mention
is that half of the whole is the primordial imbalance
at the beginning of time
The other half is the removed negative anti-world
You can stand all the way on one side
and blindly know the universe only from there
from either a purely positive or a purely negative existence
or from matter hiding from anti-matter
and you can believe your side of the world
is all that there is
until suddenly the other comes rushing in
and your world expands and takes shape
and you grow
ultimately we are merely an evolving awareness
being forced by time to eventually see the big picture

The two halves of the whole give the infinite
an internal structure
and focus the arrow of time toward balance
and that shapes what is possible within time
it eliminates chaos
and sets rules and laws and forces
which define our conscious experience
we are
the grand evolution of time from imbalance to balance

The sixth step
could be to realize the following about reality
There are no arbitrary rules of nature
There are no anomalous initial conditions
or laws levied by mother nature's command
The laws that shape our world
are fundamental to existence
They rule existence
There is no place where the same laws don't apply
The laws are innate
They have always been
They are just how existence is shaped on the inside
shaped by the road of all possible directions
Our laws and forces may seem arbitrary
like they might be different elsewhere
but they are the tides and flow
within being

Hencefourth there is a deep logic
a single unified truth within being
Duality is by nature an expression of contradiction
and there is a logic to contradiction
visible in positive and negative
in something and nothing

And ah, the seventh lesson
Where are we going?
Why is there orderliness?
Are we ready to learn something that profound
and world changing

What is the ultimate Everything like?
Existence is everywhere and always
Things do not begin
nor can things end
There can be a first page to a book
and a last page
There can be a story in time that begins and ends
but the book is always there
Everything is forever

The last thought about the ultimate I can offer
is knowing the first lesson deep down
believing it is possible to understand
enough to try to figure things out
for yourself




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