I Am, You Are  (What are Things?)

It's all just space
All that we know and see
Feel and breathe
I am Space
You are Space
The Earth and stars
Time is a direction in space
The universe is made of space
Existence itself is space

The Universe is first a world of tangible space
Every when and every place
A space filled with numbers and ideas
Every imagined touch or thought
All the timeless meaningfulness of being
creating a timeless whole superspace
that extends forever in every direction

There is Space
Mainly because there is no opposite
There is no nonexistence that cannot be
No invisible nothing less than the nothing of space
The ultimate void opposite of being cannot be
This existence is basic reality
Being is the default

It's odd but only Infinity is invisible
The invisible implicate order of balance and symmetry
That's where we live first
Within the ultimate level of reality
The One
I am, you are the One

Then from inside there are all these fragmentations
Real Illusions
One place imagined separate from another place
Like the past and future

The Many
I, you; the one, we are the Many
Just as real as we are all the One God Space
And we call the defined fragments finite
As if we aren't all still infinite

To become finite
Part of the one space divides apart from itself
The large infinity becomes two smaller infinities
So that each side seems cut off from the rest
Trapped for a time
Until it all unravels
And that is us
The universe of stars we live in

I am, you are
The divided world unraveling
Evolving away from the emptiness of space
Toward the fullness of space
Yet timeless in imaginary time

Time is just space in one direction
The imbalanced past
And space in the other direction
The balanced future
And the big bang of space uniting
Growing greater than the past
Being less than the future
I am, you are
Becoming one again





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