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Physicists like to think that all you have to do is say, these are the conditions, now what happens next?
Richard Feynman

"If this is a dream the whole world is inside it."
óDavid Benioff 
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Excerpt from Chapter20
From The Book:
Everything Forever:
Learning to See Timelessness


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"We feel that even when all possible scientific questions have been answered, the problems of life remain completely untouched."
óLudwig Wittgenstein




Excerpt From Chapter 20
Built in From the Beginning
The Interdependence of Life with Omega 

There would seem to be a case for at least a meager relationship between our consciousness and Omega. Simply considering that absolute zero is a product of synthesis rather than cancellation, we then are led to consider Omega to be a synthesis of all life, all experience, all thought, existent throughout the infinite expanse of galactic and planetary systems in an infinite universe. At this stage, remaining conservative is just unreasonable humility or biased skepticism. To the dismay of the skeptical, we are not here considering philosophy or religious idealism, we are rather properly applying an evident scientific theory. It follows that the emergence of life and biological diversity are probably best explained as future influences, which is classifiable as a form of intelligent design.

In fact the most reasonable conclusion is that the final state of time is by nature innately self-aware of its internal self, and thus supremely conscious (absolutely no correlation meant to any supreme consciousness as portrayed by any one religion), and that the very existence of life is directly attributable to an evolution of consciousness invariably built into the process of time reaching zero. The enfolding nature of symmetry order ultimately indicates that our intelligence and consciousness, the human desire to understand and model reality; life itself, exists relative to a predestined cosmological evolution toward the sum of all being and all life, all knowledge and all experience. As surprised as anyone, I find that I must argue that the supreme state of the universe is both shaping the universe and shaping human history toward a goal. The very same conclusion was made for similar reasons in concert with science by the physicist Frank Tipler in his Omega point theory, a conclusion in part based upon quantum theory. Tipler states:

Quantum mechanics says that it is completely correct to say that the universeís evolution is determined not by how it started in the Big Bang, but by the final state of the universe. Every stage of universal history, including every stage of biological and human history, is determined by the ultimate goal of the universe. And if I am correct that the universal final state is indeed God, then every stage of universal history, in particular every mutation that has ever occurred, or ever will occur in any living being, is determined by the action of God.

Of course the view suggested here is not that Omega is dependent upon the summing of life, nor is the existence of life, systemization, and form, dependent upon the uniform whole for its existence. Instead there is a complementary interdependence between both realities. It is only natural and logical that there are no parts without the whole, and no whole without the parts. There is no infinite without the definite. Living systems are ultimately timeless and embedded in the whole. The summation of all life, all information, or the term I prefer is all meaning, forms a whole that is inseparable from its finer unfolded content. That whole is alive, by any definition of life that successfully applies to any part of the whole, all of which dramatically elevates the role of life.

I suppose it is the treasure of knowing that the infinite whole exists everywhere, in every part of the universe, which has led me to conclude that existence reduces to meaning, although in mentioning this some people are likely disturbed, as they think I am suggesting the physical world is an illusion. But that would simultaneously make meaningfulness an illusion. Instead I imagine meaning and physical reality as the same thing. Just knock on wood. That is how solidly real meanings are. The physical world is how concrete and vibrant and colorful real meanings are. So I have no trouble with the idea that everything is mindstuff, or consciousness, that is, as long as the physical cosmos isnít degraded with that association. And as long as what consciousness is made of is understood to be the same as what physical reality is made of. Consciousness arises out of the meaningfulness of being. The physical world is made of the meaningfulness of being. The physical world isnít just filled with an ethereal meaning behind objects, it is meaning.

Any view which separates meaning from physical reality moves us toward a division between matter and ideas or thought. Part of what can be deduced from the success of this cosmology, as well as the harmony exposed here between science and eastern philosophy, is that not only is it possible to discover good science that is based on sound reasoning, there also is a deep and fundamental relationship between physical reality and the world of ideas and meanings.

Omega isnít hollow or empty or plain or ugly or nothing at all. Not one ounce of that impression we make of zero actually applies. All the life that inevitably exists outward amongst billions of galaxies in the visible cosmos is but a pin drop of the totality of life present in the timeless matrix of Omega. Every joy, every pain, every waste, every mistake, every solution, every tear cried, every prayer, every hope, every lesson learned, every pride, every humility forms a fullness that eludes description. Omega is forever preciously omniscient simply in being itself.

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This is an excerpt from Chapter 20 from the book Everything Forever



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