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I am the Alpha and the Omega, who is, and who was, and who is to come
Revelation 1:8

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"The Universe, as has been observed before, is an unsettlingly big place, a fact which for the sake of a quiet life most people tend to ignore. Many would happily move to somewhere rather smaller of their own devising, and this is what most beings in fact do.
-Douglas Adams







From the Book:
  Everything Forever:
Learning to See Timelessness





"Myths are clues to the spiritual potentiality of the human life."
-Joseph Cambell








"Emptiness is as full as fullness is empty."
-author unknown (Ic)








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From Beginning to End
(chapter 26)
The White World

Imagine a universe of white that extends outward in every direction. This single white is endless and beginningless. It is everywhere. Wherever the universe is, there is a total and complete whiteness. And so also imagine you are the white, because the white is simply all there is. This is not a place that can be viewed from elsewhere. There is no other place. There is nothing else. You and the white are inseparably one. 
In this world you are like a living child in the womb before knowing differentiation of any kind. All that you know is the unbounded oneness of your being. The whiteness of your consciousness, which is being itself, is everywhere and everything. Without beginning or ending, for you time is one enormous moment of now. So you know nothing of change. You know nothing of time. You simply exist. You have always existed. Your consciousness and your being are the same thing.

The white world is all that you are and have ever known. And although your being is powerfully real you are absolutely blind to that same whiteness, because in an undifferentiated world there is no way for you to appreciate the single most fundamental property of yourself. You are blind to white because there isn’t an absence of white to differentiate your being against. You have nothing to reference the white with. Consequently, you feel yourself to be both everything and nothing simultaneously. You are a something that is everything, and an everything that is nothing. Such is the only broken symmetry in your perfect whiteness, and in that broken symmetry, in the confusion of your true identity, exists the birth of difference.

So it has been forever that you are the white, and it certainly seems as if it will always be so, except suddenly, for some unknown reason, as if a door opened that you didn’t know even existed, suddenly in a flash the timeless uniformity of white shatters. Almost immediately the whiteness is replaced by a rainbow of colors, so that there is red and blue and yellow, and green and orange and purple, which now illuminate the diversity of your being. Within this change or differentiation, or what we might call time, the broken symmetry splits you into two states of consciousness. In each a world begins. In each an expanded sense of existence or consciousness begins, and in each you begin to awaken from your deep silent sleep.

In one of two worlds you originate only seeing yourself as everything, different from another world where you only see yourself as nothing, and although you exist forever in each moment you are also beginning to wake up in each world. This sudden awakening gives birth to colors which interact in an initially inexplicable dance to illuminate a surprising number of properties and attributes that can be formed of each side. In this differentiation the oneness of each side divides and you become many. All this differentiation, all this form is overwhelming. You never knew your whiteness so you can’t help but begin to identify with all this form, as now you have something to identify with. The variety of form is so great that soon you know yourself only as color and form. Differences become your reality. Also since there is now change, there is a sense of difference between one moment and the next, and so a sense of time, and consequently that time takes the place of your timeless existence as if you’ve never experienced it.

Initially it seems an odd relationship which these parts have with each other, within time. In one sense the colors combine together to create the white, and yet the white divides apart to create the colors. There is a sort of complementarity, which is to say these two aspects of your reality are interdependent and inseparably connected, which is why when one of the primary colors is taken away from the others, what is left behind in its place produces a green, or an orange, or a purple. Eventually it becomes clear to you that in the variety of colors you are only experiencing lesser parts of yourself, parts that are fragments of the whole. The parts create the whole. The whole creates the parts. No part of you is really separate at all.

In immense measures of time you are given the opportunity to discover yourself, and slowly and meticulously as you discover the more unified colors of orange, purple, and green, and you begin to see the flow of various forms, after awhile you gradually begin to realize the relationship all these colors and forms have. You begin to realize they all exist within an original white, so you begin to realize you are the white, and that you have always been the white, and you realize all the colors and forms were there in the beginning, they were within you all along. And each side of you is beginning to experience this same lesson, which makes your two selves more and more alike. And finally you realize you are becoming the white world again.

As your two sides merge, you begin to see yourself as the white world refracted into a rainbow of colors. You begin to hear yourself as a perfect silence that is divided into a symphony of sound. You begin to feel the ensemble of all possible universes within you enfolding into the eternal white world. Eventually you begin to see clearly the two great forces within yourself. One force that divides your self into parts, creating real and yet illusory material things, as well as all the numbers and all the meaningful ideas, that create the finite side of yourself. Then there is another force that works to combine together all those many parts, the spectrum of colors, and the diversity of infinite many lives and experiences, into the single unified white world. There is still no other color than white, because all the colors are internal, all form is merely fragments of the great timeless white world.

In the end we all see ourselves as the great dance that begins with the colors divided apart and ends with the colors combined together, and then we will also know the dance only seems to have a beginning and an ending, a birth and a death, when in fact this story and the sense of time it portrays are only shifts in perspective between the timelessness of the mother and the birth and experience of the child. 

As you become ever more fully aware of your whole self, you realize the being of the whole is actualized in being each part. You realize the ‘everything’ you thought you were is just a ‘something’ part of a greater Universe. You realize the ‘nothing’ you thought you were, is as relevant as the ‘everything’ you thought you were. Eventually all the boundaries of separation erode, and as you become the sum, all your pronounced experiences in time are balanced and given meaning by the fullness of the whole. You even feel yourself in the future shaping those experiences in the past to become the great completeness. In a final step you move from semi-consciousness to full consciousness. And you become the beginning, the evolution of all life, and the end, existing all in the one enormous moment of now, where you know yourself for the first time forever. 

This page is chapter 26 from the book Everything Forever.


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Part l The Beginning of Timelessness

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