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There is a wonderful place of balance between science and imagination, not unrelated to the balance between thinking and feeling, that very few people even know exists. It isn't a place where a person is free to create fantasy, but rather where one is able to fully envision and appreciate the wondrous lessons that science is teaching us about the cosmos.
Another Map of the Universe 
Imagining The Tenth Dimension
Rob Bryanton

A Physicist with similar
beliefs about time and wholeness (Discovered 1/1/05)
A Course in Consciousness
by Stanley E. Sobottka
The future influencing the past
The Transactional Interpretation
of Quantum Mechanics
by John Cramer

Websites I've found that
express a
similar message

The Foundation of the Universe
Alan C. Gasser

The Dynamic Structure of Space
Steven E. Kaufman 

The Nature of Existence

Zero not as a nothing

Why does Anything Exist
by David Pearce

The Concept and Theory of Nothingness

Virtual Chaos

Many Worlds

The Everett FAQ
Michael Clive Price

Other related websites

The Intuitive Self
Bill Taggart 

Letter From Utopia
Nick Bostrom

The self-existent cosmos
Paul Harrison

Science Without Bounds
Art D'Adamo

My websites:
Zero as Everything
Nothing as uniformity
Nonexistence cannot be

Cosmic Symmetry

Everything Forever

Why does a Universe Exist?
by Gevin Giorbran 







The Book:
Everything Forever:
Learning to See Timelessness









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