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There is a wonderful place of balance between science and imagination, not unrelated to the balance between thinking and feeling, that very few people even know exists. It isn't a place where a person is free to create fantasy, but rather where one is able to fully envision and appreciate the wondrous lessons that science is teaching us about the cosmos.

About the Author

GEVIN GIORBRAN (1960 - 2008) has authored three books including "Exploring A Many Worlds Universe" in which he describes in detail how our universe finally ends as space expands perfectly flat and time reaches absolute zero, a prediction based upon his model of an infinite and timeless Multiverse, and all three books were written prior to 1998 when astrophysicists discovered the expansion of the universe is in fact accelerating towards absolute zero. While other scientists continue to grapple with this discovery, in Everything Forever Giorbran eloquently explains for the lay reader the governing role a cosmic zero plays in the evolution of all universes and all life.

I started writing about timelessness in 1990. I have completed four books on the same subject, the first three written in 1994, '96, and '97 all argued that cosmological expansion will stretch space perfectly flat and our universe will abruptly end in finite time at the ground state of absolute zero. It wasn't until 1998 that astrophysicists discovered the expansion of the universe is accelerating. My earliest estimate was that the life of each universe lasts 120 billion years. Prior to '98 physicists considered my scenario of time ending at zero impossible. Today this future scenario is not only deemed possible, but is swiftly becoming the most probable candidate in mainstream astrophysics. Today this isn't considered significant by any of the physicists that I have contacted. I worked on my fourth and final book for nearly ten years in order to produce a book I felt could be read and enjoyed by anyone.

Suppose we knew today that someone had written a book around 1920 explaining that the universe is expanding and that time began from an infinitely dense and hot singularity. Vesto Slipher and others began discovering the red-shifted light of distant galaxies in 1922. Edwin Hubble proposed the red-shift distance relation around 1929. Edgar Allen Poe is widely known for a prose-like essay in which he generally describes a finite universe beginning from a "primal particle", while Alexander Friedman in 1922 and Georges Lemaitre in 1927 each wrote papers proposing an expanding universe based on the mathematics of the General Theory of Relativity. Albert Einstein himself could have predicted an expanding (or contracting) universe based upon his own theory, and considered his invention of the cosmological constant to hold the universe in place to be his greatest blunder. Einstein recognized that correctly predicting the past (or future) based on his new theory of gravity would have been one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of science, as well as a powerful validation of General Relativity.

Today physicist Sean Carroll of Caltech is openly stating that "our actual universe evolves to empty space" as if this is plainly evident, exclaiming this in a presentation given to other physicists at Caltech (see slides 23 and 27). This compliments Brett McInnes' realization in his original 2002 "Big Smash" paper that a runaway "phantom energy" acceleration proposed by Robert Caldwell would cause our universe to "end in a 'Big Smash', a final singularity in which the Universe is destroyed in a finite proper time by excessive *expansion*." Later in 2003 Robert Caldwell described his own model of time ending at what he himself described as the "ultimate singularity" in his popularized Big Rip scenario paper titled Phantom Energy and Cosmic Doomsday.

The acceleration of cosmological expansion is now widely accepted in science, but what is the universe accelerating toward? Do we have any idea? What does science understand about the end of time? The simple fact is that time is accelerating directly at the ground state of absolute zero. As if shot from Robin Hood's bow, it appears the arrow of time has turned on its rocket boosters and is flying straight at the perfect center of the target. If we just take a tiny step backward and look at the big picture, a final end of time at the ultimate singularity of zero derives from accelerating expansion as equally obvious as the big bang past derives from the expansion of galaxies. And when a future collision with zero is considered as the natural final result of time, the really big picture starts to make sense. Hubble expansion has taught us everything we know today about the large-scale universe or the big picture. Now we are about to begin completing the picture with an understanding of the future, which further teaches us why time has a direction, why the universe is ordered, and why our universe is governed by forces that shape it into the world we observe.

I was born May 10, 1960 and grew up mainly in the beautiful state of Washington in the United States. I lived in Texas, Alabama, and Oregon, traveled Europe and was fortunate to live for three years in the Bavarian farmlands of Germany. I enjoy hiking and camping, swimming in cold mountain lakes. I presently am living on the coast in the great pacific northwest. I guess you could call me a scientist-philosopher hippy. I am deeply concerned about the environment and the complications of heavy population. We cannot change the big Universe. It has always existed and will always exist. But we obviously can influence the neighborhood in which we reside within timelessness.

In Caldwell's big rip scenario dark energy overcomes gravitation and all other forces of nature. Expansion rips apart stars and galaxies and finally individual atoms. In my own backward causation scenario the universe doesn't wait for expansion to rip it apart. Instead stars and galaxies, and finally complex atoms, break down into a super symmetry, since my theory recognizes the influence of zero on our present and the increasing orderliness and entanglement in the super-orderly final stages of the universe. Zero is after all perfect symmetry, the whole of all universes and all life, the most ordered state in all of nature. Zero is the cause of time, not simply the final product of a past big bang event. The universe is a puzzle delicately fitting itself together. In my first book in '94 I wrote, “particles near the end of time virtually dance together to perfection. The reason for this is because the cosmos is moving toward a single goal. As the universe cools down after the big bang the possible paths which the cosmos can take become fewer, because the universe is headed towards a single destination where each particle will be paired in perfect balance with an opposite anti-particle. For this to happen each particle will seem to acknowledge the positions of all other particles in the universe. This synchronized movement will begin far in advance of the end of time.”

Today I understand that quantum entanglement, the two becoming the many, and the many becoming the one, are not merely features of cosmic evolution, but a part of human evolution as well, even descriptive of the way science is moving toward seeing the universe as ultimately timeless. Whether or not my work is ever recognized, science will eventually begin to consider more realistically the idea that time ends at zero, and will begin to reconcile the reality of a zero in our future and its governing properties with the rest of physics. This will quickly lead to a super science and a universal comprehension beyond our wildest imaginations. In hindsight, in this golden age before us we shall realize we have been living in the dark ages.

Gevin Giorbran

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Background of this theory

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Everything Forever; Learning to See Timelessness
Copyright © 2006 by Gevin Giorbran
My fourth book is a composite, presenting two type of order as the governing dynamics of time, and a developed cosmology with absolute zero as the governing attractor in the space of all possibilities. This final version also returns to some of the philosophical issues and subjects I presented in my first book.  My fourth book addresses more directly the interests of non scientists, especially for those who are more intuitive, and are more able to deal with the profound nature of existence and the infinite.

Exploring A Many Worlds Universe
Copyright © 1997
My third book was a reasonably developed presentation of my theories and introduced grouping and symmetry order as well as a new mathematical system derived from the axioms of symmetry order.

A Universe at the Shore of an Infinite Ocean
Copyright © 1996
My second book condensed my theory and attempted to explore the probabilities of an infinite but bounded symmetric model of aggregate state space.

Understanding Everything; The Superstructure of an Infinite Universe
Copyright © 1994
My first book predicted the universe would expand to absolute zero.  It introduced absolute zero into state space and proposed an inverse set of states.  Much of the discussion was philosophical and undeveloped.

MB types from Born to Explore - Teresa Gallagher

INFP "The Healer": "Idealistic, warm, caring, creative, imaginative, original, artistic, perceptive, supportive, empathetic, cooperative, facilitative, compassionate, responsive, sensitive, gentle, tenderhearted, devoted, loyal, virtuous, self-critical, perfectionist, self-sacrificing, deep, multifaceted, daydreamer, persistent, determined, hard-working, improviser, initiator of new projects and possibilities, agents of change. Drawn to possibilities, 'what could be' rather than 'what is.' Values-oriented with high level of personal integrity.  Their focus is on understanding themselves, personal growth, and contributing to society in a meaningful way.  If their career does not express their idealism and drive for improvement, they usually become bored and restless. Dislike conflict, dealing with trivialities, and engaging in meaningless social chatter.  Needs a private work space, autonomy, and a minimum of bureaucratic rules." Some of the best novelists are INFPs. Suggested careers: Counselor, artist, and journalist.  INFPs are prone to depression when they cannot meet their own sense of perfection or the expectations of others. The very often accept blame, even when it's not deserved, and really dwell on how bad they think they are, but they are not likely to let people know that.

INTP "The Architect": "Logical, original, speculative quick thinkers, ingenious, inventive, cerebral, deep, ruminative, critical, skeptical, questioning, reflective problem solver, flaw finder, architect and builder of systems, lifelong learner, precise, reserved, detached, absent-minded professor.  Seeker of logical purity. They love to analyze, critique, and develop new ideas more than get involved in the implementation phase. Continually engage in mental challenges that involve building complex conceptual models leading to logically flawless solutions.  Because they are open-ended and possibility-oriented, an endless stream of new data pours in, making it difficult for them to finish developing whatever idea they are working on.  Everything is open to revision.  Consequently, they are at their best as architects of new ideas where there are endless hypothetical possibilities to be explored, and no need for one final concrete answer.  Their holy grail is conceptual perfection.  May consider the project complete and lose interest when they have it figured out.  Often seem lost in the complex tunnels of their own inner process.  Seek work that allows them to develop intellectual mastery, provides a continual flow of new challenges, offers privacy, a quiet environment, and independence.  Thrive in organizations where their self-reliance is valued and colleagues meet their high standards for competency."  Suggested careers: Chemist, lawyer, mathematician.  INTPs are prone to depression when they dwell on their inability to meet their extremely high expectations of themselves.

Book Contents (On the web)

Part l The Beginning of Timelessness

Ch1 Time is Imaginary 
Ch2 Why the Universe Exists Timelessly
Ch3 The Great Cosmic Boundaries
Ch4 Describing the Realm of All Possibilities
Ch5 Caught Between Two Kinds of Order

Part II The Governing Dynamics 

Ch6 Natural Order *
Ch7 Enfolded Symmetry *
Ch8 Beautiful Diversity *
Ch9 Something from Nothing?

Part III The Comprehensibility Of All

Ch10 Infinity Means What?
10.1 A Branching Out of Many-Worlds
10.2 The Multiverse 
10.3 Many Realms 
10.4 Absolute Chaos 
10.5 Perfection 
Ch11 Time is a Direction in Space

Part IV The Great Cosmic Attractor

Ch12 The Shape of All Conceivables
Ch13 Everything Moves Towards Balance
Ch14 Equilibrium *
Ch15 Convergence *
Ch16 The Big Bloom 

Part V The Second Law is Too Simple

Ch17 Away from Order toward Order
Ch18 Multiple Arrows of Time *
Ch19 A Matter of Space 
Ch20 Built in From the Beginning *

Part VI Cosmic Psyche 

Ch21 God’s Math *
Ch22 Proto and Elea *
Ch23 Our Basic Natures 
Ch24 Cosmic Lovers 

Part VII Spiritual Science

Ch25 Becoming Aware
Ch26 The White World
Ch27 God, Infinity, and Nature As One

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"And the truth is that as a man's real power grows and his knowledge widens, ever the way he can follow grows narrower: until at last he chooses nothing, but does only and wholly what he must do...."
—Ursula K. Le Guin 
The Earthsea trilogy


" is the nature of synchronicity to have meaning and, in particular, to be associated with a profound activation of energy deep within the psyche. It is as if the formation of patterns in the unconscious mind is accompanied by physical patterns in the outer world."
—F. David Peat

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